Beyond Bundt Cakes! 6 Things to do with Your Bundt Pan

Cake Tin

Say "bundt pan," and folks pretty much think of one thing: bundt cakes! But after Sara Kate's sassy post on using her bundt pan to roast a chicken, we started thinking about other ways we could put this pan to use. What are your ideas for putting a bundt pan to work?

Here are a few ideas we came up with:

1. Angel Food Cake - Who needs an angel food cake pan and a bundt cake pan?

2. Monkey Bread - This sugary pull-apart yeast bread is one of our all-time favorite potluck desserts, and it works great in a bundt pan.

3. Jello Mold - Molded jello is so old school it's becoming new again!

4. Icebox Cakes - We think this cookie crumb and pudding cake would be just firm enough to unmold well - especially if we used extra cookie crumbs!

5. Ice Cream Cakes - Think how pretty layers of different ice cream would look in this mold?

6. Meatloaf - We almost didn't add this one to the list. Yes, technically you couldbake a meatloaf in a bundt pan, but...the idea of serving meatloaf molded into the shape of a pretty cake seems a little strange to us. We're more likely to stick with the traditional loaf shape!

To be honest, we couldn't think of anything quite as unique as roasting a chicken. We suppose you could cook a stew or a braise in a bundt pan with aluminum foil over the top - but we can only see doing that in a complete pinch if all our other pans were in use.


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